The Boston Mamas Blog features Jennifer Crowley and her founding of Cian's Cause to spread awareness of Neuroblastoma and Cian's new mission.
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Neuroblastoma is a solid tumor cancer that originates in neural cells and largely afflicts infants and toddlers, upwards of 700 children in the US each year. Commonly by the time Neuroblastoma is diagnosed, it has metastasized to distant organs, creating an extremely challenging treatment situation.

Given there is no true test or screening for Neuroblastoma, diagnosis is typically made via bloodwork and diagnostic imaging after a series of seemingly benign symptoms are seen – fever, fussiness, decrease in appetite, swelling, and black eye (as in Cian’s case), to name but a few. Unfortunately, this means that Neuroblastoma is commonly mis- or undiagnosed, delaying vital treatment.